Anti Virus


There are various names to describe threats to your computers and network; Virus, Spyware, Malware, Spam etc.. Some of these threats are malicious whilst others are, often at best, undesirable and the job of Antivirus software (and related products) is to stop the threat turning into malfunction, failure or worse.


The consequences of not protecting your computers can include any or all of the following:-


 Computer will not boot

 Slow Computer and /or Network Downtime

 Loss or corruption of data / programs

 Loss of personal data / contents of bank account

 Cyber Crime / Online Fraud / Identity Theft

 Online Extortion Masquerading as anti-virus software

 Contamination of other computers on the network

 Spreading of viruses to your customer contacts

 Suspension of Email services

 Hijacking of your computer


Generally there are three areas that need to be constantly monitored to protect against threats:-


File Security USB drives, CDs & DVDs all allow the copying of files onto your computers. If these are infected the contagion can spread to your own files and /or those that control the operating system (Windows) and shared files on the file server or other computers. Once a virus is present in your file system it will undoubtedly cross contaminate other files, applications or computers on the network and the more it spreads the harder it is to combat.


Email Security The number of unsolicited emails we all receive demonstrates how our systems are open to threats from outside our own environment. Unfortunately even people you know and trust can inadvertently spread a virus to email recipients in their contact lists.


Web Security The internet has revolutionised the way we search for information and often the promise of some alluring offer or interesting imagery will find users on unfamiliar websites. Thankfully this is often harmless although you may find that an apparently routine message to allow popups, cookies or some free software download has given you more than you bargained for.


The remedy for protecting against the above threats is up to date anti-virus and related software. We will be pleased to provide advice on the options and costs either on standalone basis or as part of integrated software covering the entire network.