Whatís the worst thing that could happen to your business? Never nice to dwell on these things but fire, flood, theft, vandalism, computer failure, virus attack, accident or some other nasty could all seriously ruin your day. Protecting your business will never be free but failure to do anything could result in increased insurance premiums or worse still the partial withdrawal of or refusal to renew cover. Thatís always assuming it doesnít just put you out of business! We canít guarantee any of these wonít happen to you but we offer a range of products and services to reduce the likelihood of some and mitigate the effects of all.


Bomb-Proof Backups. Obvious really. Few businesses could survive the permanent loss of their data and even a few days downtime could be a considerable strain. Checked yours recently? We offer a range of solutions tailored to the needs of your business and size of your data.


Anti-Virus Software. You are probably well aware that these days there are all manner of vicious little programs lurking on the internet that would like nothing better than to find a new home on your business computers. Perhaps some already have! That neat little laptop you let the kids borrow to help with their homework is especially vulnerable.


Network Support. The modern computer network comprises all manner of different pieces of hardware all with their own quirks. Configuring network security, email, getting it all to talk to each other and spotting issues before they become problems are basic requirements for many businesses. We offer a variety of packages depending on the complexity of the network and the level of IT support you require.


Built-in Redundancy. Most networks contain one or more Ďsingle points of failureí capable of bringing everything to a grinding halt until a replacement can be bought. Often these are cheap bits of hardware like ADSL modems or network switches. We can help identify these and make recommendations on how to eliminate these as possible problems. For the paranoid or fortunate few who arenít on a tight budget, we will happily extend this to cover the entire network!


To discuss these or any other IT concerns you may have contact us by telephone, fax or email for further information or to arrange a meeting.

Protecting your Business